Who I Am and Why I Am Here !!

My name is Bill Hails and I am 66 years young!  I love to travel and I am here to tell you of my travels… past present and future. Without other commitments and with the million dollars I don’t have I may be too busy traveling to write. But that is where you people come in by clicking on my affiliate links to assist in your travels as well as mine.

I have been married for 2 1/4 years and my wife and I have traveled together for over 25,000 km in that time. All of our travel together has been in our van and we spent 4 weeks out of 5 sleeping in the back of the van for 17,000 km. Our second journey was approximately 8,000 km and we were pulling a small trailer behind and the trailer was our hotel for close to another 5 weeks.

I plan to have a blogging page for you all to enjoy and share with your friends. I will also have a page where you can contact me for travel planning. I am not a professional in that regard but then I am not selling that as a service, but simply employing my natural talents such as planning a road trip in a car or locating the sights you tell me you want to see on your next vacation.

I have been all across Canada (10 out of 10 provinces as well as one territory) and through much of the United States (47 out of 50 to be exact). My next destination will be Europe and I would really like to spend a few months there getting the lay of the land. I have traveled mostly in my own car but have also traveled by 30 day passes on both Greyhound buses and on an Amtrak/Via Rail pass in Canada and the United States. When I go to Europe for the first time I plan to travel with a Eurail Pass.

I have also flown many times and don’t enjoy it as much as I used to. I find that “getting there” is sometimes the best part of the journey and I no longer feel that way about air travel. Sometimes it is necessary and I would certainly use it to get to Europe and they say there are many “bargain” carriers over there to whisk you from one favourite place to another. You still don’t see much in between airports though.

Airplanes get you where you need to be quickly though and if you prefer to focus on a few cities without spending a lot of time getting there that is fine as well. At one point in my life I was flying between Toronto and Miami so often that I could look out the window of the plane at almost any point in the journey and on a clear day tell you what we were flying over.

Motorclubs offer a service telling you what routes to take driving from Point A to Point B and you could tell them that you wanted to go the fastest way or the most scenic way or the way that would give you a stop at Point C. Maybe you were driving from Point A to Point B and you wanted to see as many National Parks as possible or as many museums as possible along the way.

And as a traveler I am also an amateur photographer who would like to share some of the photos I have taken and also include many of them in my stories. So this is who I am and what I am doing here. When I can’t be traveling I want to be talking about traveling and that includes planning my next trips and hopefully yours too.

I will have links that you can click on for further exploration and perhaps some discounts as well. Enjoy my stories and leave your comments. I will reply to your comments and requests. If you enjoy my site please share it with your friends.


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